2015 Magellan Competition


We had three people enter the race, Atom, Mark and Josh. Unfortunately there were no winners. Josh’s wheel chair robot made it the furthest to the second way point before he had to throw in the towel due to mechanical failure. Everyone enjoyed the event and we are planning a second race in 3 months.

Josh’s Wheel Chair robot passing the second waypoint


Atom’s robot heading to the first waypoint


Mark bringing his robot back after a heading snafu



The archery range where the race was held


Discussing strategy after the race


Saturday April 4th 2015 at 12pm

The competition will be at the Forest Park Archery range.  It is directly across from the Planetarium. You can park in their lot. We have the location reserved so there shouldn’t be any one on the range but be careful anyway.

Course length is .25 miles or 407 meters.
Start: 38°37’53.45″N 90°16’18.87″W
Waypoint 1: 38°37’52.17″N 90°16’19.82″W
Waypoint 2: 38°37’53.01″N 90°16’22.37″W
Waypoint 3: 38°37’55.53″N 90°16’21.74″W
Waypoint 4: 38°37’57.29″N 90°16’21.96″W
Waypoint 5: 38°37’57.05″N 90°16’20.23″W
Waypoint 6: 38°37’55.27″N 90°16’19.31″W
Finish: 38°37’53.45″N 90°16’18.87″W

All waypoints must be “touched” by passing within a 15′ radius circle drawn about the waypoint.
Vehicles must finish the course and stop within a 15′ radius circle drawn about the start/finish point.
A vehicle is defined as an autonomous wheeled, tracked or otherwise ground based platform.
Competition held rain or shine!

Prize money:
$100 to the ground based vehicle that completes the course in the fastest time.  In the event that no vehicles complete the course, the prize money will not be awarded.




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