2017 November – Simple Line Following Competition

This line following competition is to be held during the November meeting. The course does not have any right angle turns and does not cross itself.
To win the competition, a robot must have the fastest time for completing three laps around the course. Robots may also win categories, however a robot may only be entered into one category.

The only rule restricting robot design is that a robot must not damage the course or otherwise make the course more difficult for competitors. A robot may be of any size, but please be mindful that a 120lb robot may damage the course.

There is no official prize other than the glory of having the fastest robot.

The categories are as follows:

  • Prebuilt robots such as the Pololu 3pi.
  • Kit-built robots.
  • Self-made robots
  • Lego robots.
  • Robots forged from the Fires of Mount Doom.

The course design is shown in the following images: