Line Following

Friday March 4th, 2016

During First Friday event at the St. Louis Science Center.


St. Louis Science Center first floor south side. Walk in the front door past the ticket counter turn left and go to past the exhibits. We will be in the south east corner of the building. Should be out in the open and easy to spot.


The track will be standard white board with a black tape line. There will be imperfections on the track surface. The max imperfection to deal with would be 1/4″ or smaller.
It will be a continuous line (no breaks, crosses, gaps, or color changes).

Start behind the start line and the time starts when the robot crosses the start line.

Each time the robot requires a correction (gets stuck, go’s off the line, etc) 3 seconds per touch will be added to your run time.

12″ x 12″ inch length/width maximum robot size. No weight limit. Because lighter is faster. No height limit, as shorter is faster.

The judge has the final say about every aspect of this event. Fastest purchased kit robot does not equal victory. Homemade robots are given higher consideration for victory over purchased kit robots.


Whoever the judge picks to win something will get something. Otherwise thanks for playing robots with us!

Here is a video of the competition

Check out the results here.