Here is the link to Craig’s talk on SLAM in 360 video. Sorry about the low quality. I am still trying to figure out the setup.

This is the link to the slide deck.

SLAM presentation

First 360 Videos

This is from the Thursday night build session. Our first attempt at 360 VR recording one of our meetings.

Brain Controlled Interface

Lucy, one of our younger members has created a robot that is controlled by thought over the internet! Check out this video of the robot in action. She also has a web site up with more info.

Thursday Night Build Session – June 23rd

Thursday night build session

Thursday, Jun 23, 2016, 5:00 PM

Location details are available to members only.

1 Roboticist Attending

We are going to meet at Josh’s house for a build session. Bring in your projects in you want to work on something. Or just show up to talk about robots. There will be snacks and refreshments available.If you can’t make it in person there will be a Google Hangout live streaming from the house. Check the calendar at for a link…

Check out this Meetup →

ROS Workshop

ROS Workshop

Saturday, Jun 4, 2016, 10:00 AM

Saint Louis Science Center
5050 Oakland Ave Saint Louis, MO

4 Roboticist Attending

There will be a demo of ROS (Robotic Operating System). We will cover installation, robot setup and navigation. Everything will be done in simulation using Gazebo. Please bring your laptop or PC with Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.06 pre-installed. If you need help setting up linux then show up to Robomo’s table at First Friday at the Science Center and we wil…

Check out this Meetup → has been sold.


We received a good offer for the domain name from a robotics company with a similar name. On Saturday, Robomo unanimously voted to accept the offer.


See this post for details.

Our new domain is for now

Line Following at the Science Center

Hello everyone!

Tonight was an amazing turnout for the Robomo First Friday Line Following Competition!!!

We had 28 entries! That’s a new record of participation for any Robomo event!

In a couple days I will send one more email bomb with the competition video showing all the robots competing.

And lastly, we need to send a giant congrats to Mark the builder of the robot named “Mark2” which was the winning entry!

His winning run time was 19 seconds!!!

To remind everyone, each touch of the robot was a 3 second time penalty, and any kit robot entry got an additional 10 second penalty for not being homemade.

Here were the standings:

Names Run Time Penalty’s Total Time
Silent Bob 3 min 17 sec 3 sec 3 min 2 sec
Jay 12 min 0 sec 23 min
DF Round 1 min 14sec 10sec 1 min 24 sec
Skull LF 2 min 29 sec 0sec 2 min 29 sec
Yellow Rat 1 min 19 sec 10 sec 1 min 29 sec
Growler 40 sec 10 sec 50sec
Chief Knock A Homer 2 min 3 sec 2 min 3 sec
Spidy LF 2 min 10 sec 3 sec 2 min 13 sec
Zumo 49sec 10 sec 59 sec
DF Rover 1 min 40 sec 16 sec 1 min 56 sec
Screaming Dummy 2 min 4 sec 0 sec 2 min 4 sec
RBS Tank 1 min 43 sec 0 sec 1 min 43 sec
FCLF 1 min 10 sec 23 sec 1 min 33 sec
POS 1 min 2 sec 10 sec 1 min 12 sec
3pi DNF 40 sec 10sec 50 sec
Yellow 1 min 21 sec 10sec 1 min 31 sec
Cousin It 1 min 2 sec 0 sec 1 min 2 sec
Mark 1 28 sec 0 sec 28 sec
Mark 2 19 sec 0 sec 19 sec
Stitches 38 sec 10 sec 48 sec
1Pi 2 min 7 sec 6 sec 2 min 13 sec
Tethered USB 1 min 10 sec 0 sec 1 min 10 sec
Pocket Bot.IO 1 min 4 sec 0 sec 1 min 4sec
Zbot 1 min 3 sec 0 sec 1 min 3 sec
Magician 59 sec 0 sec 59 sec
TruckBot DNF
RoadRunner DNF
Gobbit 1 min 2 sec 0 sec 1 min 2 sec