Line Following Robot Build Information

This is a quick write-up of information needed to help get you started on building your own Line Follower. I plan to add more when possible. Good luck on your Line Follower build!

Below is a link to an action video of my small line follower from its first successful run. This is performed on white paper with electrical tape for the line.


Arduino Library for the Pololu QTR Reflectance Sensors


Here is the sensor that I use:

QTR-8RC Reflectance Sensor Array


Here are possible motors;

Here are the motor brackets:

Here are the wheels

Here is the motor driver that works with the little gear motors

TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier


Chassis can be made of wood, plastic, or fiberglass.

lbot_1 lbot_2 lbot_3 lbot_4 lbot_5 lbot_6

20160205_215739 20160205_215745 20160205_215748

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Above is the Polulo motor driver. All GNDs are the same connection. VCC goes to your micro-controllers “+” . Vmot goes to your batteries “+”. A01, A02, B01, B02 go to your left and right motors. All pins on the right side of the board go to your micro-controller.