Remote Robot Control

Problem: You have a robot that connects to the internet through public methods. You are running a server on the robot and need to connect to it when you can not forward ports.

Solution: Set up Amazon EC2 server. The robot will connect to the EC2 serve and forward required ports back to the robot.

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Raspberry Pi Setup

Install Raspberrian

Update the Keyboard to a US layout

Setup EC2 server (Free for one year)

Create public/private key pair for the EC2 server

Copy the Amazon key to your Raspberry Pi. You would normally put this key into your home directory. ~/.ssh
I used WinSCP to transfer the key file to the Raspberry Pi.

How to start you ec2 server from the command line

Install Google Earth in Ubuntu

Setup reverse ssh tunnel

On the Server

Make sure to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config
Add the line: GatewayPorts yes
Restart ssh server

On the raspberry pi

ssh -i key_location -N -g -R :source_port:localhost:destination_port username@e2cserver_address

Code on Gituhub

Atoms Notes:

amazon ec2setup
setup ddns noip free and activate
launch ec2
terminal  —    “ssh -i .ssh/machinerule.pem ec2-user@

ssh from e2c —
sudo yum-config-manager –enable epel
sudo yum install -y noip
sudo noip2 -C

-run email and pass-

sudo chkconfig noip on
chkconfig –list noip           “check to see if updated”
sudo service noip start

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

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