Past Robomo Events

These first four video’s were taken at the first ever Robomo line following competition
Rump Shaker racing Team Shebot

Sandwichbot line follower–9pM

Hot Rod line follower – the events winner!  Flexwing Mike Won!!!

Dr Evil and Mini Me demo runs

Robomo at S.C.C.C. for the GM Comp

Robomo BBQ

Robomo Drive In

Robotics Showcase

FIRE – Mini Comp  – Winning Run!  Congrats to Lee!!!

Robomo Booth at the STL Science Center

Show Me Robots event at the MO State Fair

Show Me Space Event

Robomo “Climb” Mini Comp Winner – Congrats to Jerry!!!

SLSC – First Night

Swerve Mini Comp  – Winner Lee!!!

4 Elements Mini Competition – Winner Congrats to Me!!!

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