ROBOMO is a club for people of all ages and experience levels who are interested in amateur robotics, electronics, and even a bit of amateur radio. Our members come from very diverse backgrounds and are interested in a wide variety of robotic topics including telepresence, near space payloads, mini sumo, line following, mini magellan, special “one of a kind” projects, and more. Our members are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences with each other with the common goal of learning about robotics and electronics and having a bit of fun along the way.

If you are a maker, hacker, tinkerer, hobbyist, or mad scientist, we want you in our club. If you’re an expert looking to show off or just a little curious then we would love to have you. Electronics, robotics, programming, CNC, 3d printing, radio, and more are all things we are involved in.

Our club meetings are held the first Saturday of each month, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the St. Louis Science Center. Bring in your project (in any state of completion) for show and tell or to ask for help. Click on the calendar events on the left side of this page for meeting details.

While you are here, be sure to check out the new Projects page. Drop down the Projects menu at the very top of the home page to see projects that you can build. More projects are coming, but right now you can see the Small Bot and Large Bot projects.

Show and Tell every meeting. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite project (robotics/electronics/maker-type/etc.) for show and tell,  or to ask for help. Be prepared to demonstrate how it works, and to answer questions.

Meeting location:
Saint Louis Science Center
3rd Floor Conference Room
5050 Oakland Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

Parking in the main lot is Free. Just ask for a voucher during the meeting.


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  1. We have attended a Bot Brawl hosted by a Robot Club in Peoria IL. They have a one day event. It is a nice event but there’s been so much interest in the event that this year they filled up so quickly we couldn’t gt more than one team into the event. Is there a possibility of us partnering with you to bring a similar event to St. Louis?
    -Tom Blevins

    Director of Public Relations, Arch Reactor

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